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Inayan System of Eskrima – Suro Jason Inay, System Head

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Inayan -System III- Eskrima – Emanuel Hart

Inayan School of Eskrima – Steven Klement

Filipino Martial Arts Inayan Eskrima – Jon Ward

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Three Rivers Eskrima Concepts – Joe Walls

Equillibrado Orihinal System of Eskrima  – Chris McWethy

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Midwest School of Eskrima – Kim Satterfield

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Bahala Na – Original Giron Eskrima

The Defensor Method – Nate Defensor

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Why The Special Forces Train in Filipino Martial Arts | FMA: Kali, Arnis, Escrima

Tatang Antonio Ilustrisimo, at age 90

Once Upon A Time In The Philippines

Angel Cabales Serrada demonstration

Angel Cabales and Jimmy Tacosa

Angel Cabales “Enforcers from Death Row” scene

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The Spokesman-Review, June 30, 2007

The Sword of Fire – fantasy fiction series by William R. McGrath