Instructor Biography

Kristine Alonzo Strasburger

Guro (Instructor) Kristine Alonzo Strasburger trained in the Filipino martial art of Inayan Eskrima in Los Gatos, California, beginning at the age of 17 with eight months of private lessons with Guro Benjamin Berry, and then continuing in a formal school setting until joining the U.S. Army in 1988.  During these years she assisted in various Inayan Eskrima training seminars for other martial artists and for law enforcement personnel.  Before leaving the Bay Area School of Eskrima she earned the Inayan Eskrima rank of Katalungan Guro (Assistant Instructor), granted by the late Mangisursuro (System Founder) Mike Inay

Trained as a Medical Specialist (91A), Kristine was assigned to the 93rd Evacuation Hospital at Ft. Leonard Wood, and deployed with that unit to Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War.  She was honorably discharged in 1991.  During these years she taught Eskrima privately to individuals.  She also taught a short-term group class through the Army Morale and Welfare program during a six-month assignment to Joint Task Force Bravo in Honduras, Central America.

After discharge from the Army, Guro Kristine attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago Illinois.  She graduated in December 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology.

Guro Kristine currently teaches Eskrima and personal self-defense, private lessons and seminars as owner and Head Guro of Heartland School of Eskrima and Self-Defense in Lexington, Nebraska.